Up Scrunch Sizes


Up Scrunch Scrunchies come in five sizes.

Tiny - Tiny scrunchies are for small children and people with fine hair. These will work on the wrist of a small child but not an adult wrist.

Small - Small scrunchies have a thin wrap of fabric. These will fit on an adult wrist.

Regular - Regular is our most popular. These are much larger than drug store scrunchies. They work great for holding up thick full ponytails or as a great statement on your wrist.

Large - Large scrunchies are even bigger than the regular. These work great for the outside of a large bun.

XL - XL is our largest scrunchie. It is a statement piece. These have the widest fabric wrap of all our scrunchies. These work great as a large puffy wrist accessory or as a fluffy addition to any pony or bun.