About Up Scrunch

Each & Every Up Scrunch begins with one of my favorite activities, Thrifting! Every week, I spend a day going to thrift stores in and around Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I look for exciting patterns on clothing and scour every rack & shelf for any fabric and thread they may have hidden in their deepest corners. 

Once the fabric and thread make it back to Up Scrunch HQ (AKA - my dining room), they begin the transformation from forgotten & unwanted to Up Scrunch. I measure and cut each piece into long rectangular pieces. Each rectangle is pressed and folded before I begin sewing them. After the fabric is turned into pressed tubes, they are stuffed with elastic, AKA “the guts” of every Up Scrunch. We use new, thick elastic to maintain a quality scrunch. The final step in creation is to seal the scrunchie and, voila! an Up Scrunch is born. 

Each Up Scrunch gets its name after the design is created. Next stop is a trip to the washer and dryer. The majority of Up Scrunch scrunchies are machine washable and dry-able. Each scrunchie gets inspected after they are washed and as long as they’re perfect, they get tagged. Up Scrunch comes with its own handcrafted tag, attached by yours truly after creation. 

I personally make each & every Up Scrunch from start to finish. I hope you love them as much as I do.